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Ellenby Technologies, Inc.

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Ellenby Technologies is a garage success story.

We actually did start in the garage of Lou Frontino in 1988 designing and assembling electronics for a broad array of end applications including golf training tools using laser beams and retail store people counters. Bob Dobbins, Ellenby’s co-founder, expanded the engineering capability of the company with a line of vending machine controllers which continued to expand rapidly.


In 1995 our reputation in vending led Wawa, a major East Coast convenience store, and Brooks Armored Car Service to us about creating a smart safe to improve their cash management processes. We pioneered into the world of smart safes and became a major provider of innovative cash management solutions. Since then Ellenby has developed a complete family of CashTrak(TM) smart safes for companies who use armored carriers as well as smaller retailers with “do-it-yourself” cash management and transit procedures.


Today, Ellenby operates out of a 50,000 square foot facility in Woodbury Heights, NJ. We are a premier smart safe supplier for Dunbar Armored, Inc. and Integrated Cash Logistics and supply vending electronics to some of the largest vending machine companies in the world.

How We Do Business

Ellenby is an engineering and manufacturing company. We work closely with service provider partners and other technology companies to create high quality, market leading products. Ellenby products, from vending machine control boards to fully assembled smart safes, are sold through three primary channels: OEMs, Solution providers, and distributors to reach end users.


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Ellenby Technologies

Ellenby serves in four primary capacities: Manufacturing, Engineering, Depot Repair Service, and Support. Our Service and Support teams rely on feedback from service data reported from service providers, end users, and from our sales channels. Our Depot Repair center offers both in-warranty and out-of-warranty services on any returned product from the field. Failures are tracked and fed back to the Engineering and Manufacturing departments to improve product quality. Engineering works with our sales channel partners to add enhancements, customizations, or altogether new designs to meet the needs of the end users.

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Service Providers

Ellenby relies on service providers to provide field support for the end users. We have developed relationships and trained several national equipment service companies on our products. These companies can handle swap-outs, troubleshooting, installations, and end user training. Typically, our solution provider customers will select and bundle service contracts for the end user.

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We work with several major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who incorporate our electronics into their equipment, particularly in the vending industry. They may also be product and or service companies themselves. These companies help define the specifications of how they want to the electronics to perform, integrate them into their machines, and then market and sell the finished product to the end users.

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Solution Providers

Solution providers take our hardware and oftentimes attach their branding to it. They bundle a set of services and support around the product and market a comprehensive solution to the end user. This is the prime sales channel for smart safe products.

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Distributors serve end users who tend to look for unbundled solutions. When the end user wishes to organize their own set of services and support by selected suppliers themselves or by servicing their own equipment, our distributors can provide them the hardware they need. This channel is popular for our after-market vending electronics kits as well as small business smart safe sales.

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Technology Partners

The electronics business is one of specialization. Our area of expertise is in hardware and embedded systems design. Our products however require a broader range of equipment all interacting together. We rely on strong relationships we have with technology partners for critical sub-assemblies including bill validator companies, cellular modem companies, data integration/portal companies, and a range of electronics component manufacturers.

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End Users

Ellenby is a B2B company – we sell products to businesses that help them to better conduct their operations. In the vending space, these end user customers are often vending machine operators who rely on our equipment to be highly reliable over a very long service life. In the retail space, our end users are typically convenience stores, gas stations, and restaurants who wish to save substantial labor costs and add security to their business by incorporating smart safes into their daily operating procedures. If at any time any equipment we sell is in need of service, it gets returned back to us for analysis and repair or replacement. In this way, we continually evaluate how well our products stand up to the rigorous environments where our customers operate. For larger end users, Ellenby has often times collaborated with them in tandem with their solution provider to create customer-specific products.

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End Users to Ellenby Technologies

End Users with special requirements or experiencing particular challenges in the industries we serve will collaborate with us along with their solution providers to reshape product features to better meet their needs.

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Ellenby Technologies to Tech Partners

Two way collaboration is often required to interface our control electronics to various other systems that make up an end user solution. As an example, a web portal that enables end users to view their daily smart safe deposits needs to communicate with our equipment. We offer an API called Vcomm to support this effort.

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Ellenby Technologies to Sales Channels

Ellenby manufactures products for our sales channels in typical batches of 100 pieces or more (varies with complexity of the product). In some cases, the product for our Sales channels are warehoused at Ellenby and drop shipped to the end users. Just about all our products come with a one year warranty.

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Sales Channels to End Users

Sales channels sell Ellenby products in smaller volumes to the end users. These products are typically packaged with other products or services such as service contracts and web portals for accessing equipment data on the network.

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Ellenby Technologies to Service Providers

Ellenby provides product training (we train the trainers in the case of large service provider companies) and replacement parts to service providers. The service providers send back any Ellenby equipment that has been replaced from the field for depot repair at Ellenby Headquarters along with descriptions of field issues experienced.

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End Users to Service Providers

Service providers send service technicians out to the field to swap out any non-functioning equipment or to perform maintenance.

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Product/Service Companies

Sales Channels/Integrators


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Inside Ellenby

Ellenby Technologies is organized into six departments to provide streamlined product development and dedication to continuous improvement and quality.


Depot Repair










Our Team
Management Bios
Bob Dobbins – CEO

Bob co-founded Ellenby Technologies with Lou Frontino in 1986 after serving as the Director of Engineering at Mars Electronics (now Crane Payment Innovations) over which time he collected 14 patents relating to aspects of bill validator design. Bob continues his spirit of innovation at Ellenby pioneering many industry first in the vending and smart safe space.

aaron dobbins
Aaron Dobbins – President

Aaron has a background in hardware electronics design working for eight years in consumer electronics before joining Ellenby. Shortly after joining the company, he earned an MBA and now serves as the Director of Business Development. In this role, Aaron ensures that product development activities meet the emerging market needs.

scott barnes
Scott Barnes – CTO, CIO

Scott performed some of the initial engineering on what became the SC66 bill validator in his former career at Mars Electronics (now Crane Payment Innovations). He today runs the engineering department of Ellenby with a deep expertise in embedded system design.

doug padula
Doug Padula – Director, Smart Safes Business

Doug has been with Ellenby since 1995. By formerly serving the company as the production manager for many years, Doug is well versed in electronics manufacturing, test, and assembly. Today, Doug facilitates the transition of new designs from the Engineering department into Manufacturing and oversees our Service department.

Engineering Expertise
Highly accomplished engineering staff experienced in:

Microprocessor Controlled Electronics

C/C++ and Assembly Programming

API Library Creation

Schematic Capture and Board Layout

Solid Modeling & Conventional Design Support

Authorized Microchip Design Partner // Authorized MEI (CPI) Service Center

Career Opportunities
Ellenby Technologies is currently seeking:
Embedded Engineer

QA Technician