Ellenby is a pioneer
in the smart safe industry

with the launch of the first safe products in 1996.

Our designs are currently in their fourth major generation and have undergone countless enhancements over the years. We strive to produce the best value on the market with an emphasis in the areas of:

security icon


Hardware providing protection and deterrents against forced entry.

Embedded architecture providing security of data and communications with encryption.

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Prevention of field service visits while minimizing field time if a visit is necessary.

Corporate infrastructure built around product serviceability.


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Provide equipment that is convenient and easy to use.

Systems flexibility allowing interfaces for your customer’s current and future needs.


These three considerations drive our system design and are ingrained in every safe we manufacture.

In most applications, our standard CashTrak™ products meet OEM and customer’s needs but our highly experienced engineering staff can also custom design Smart Safes for private labeling.

If you are not familiar with the applications of Smart Safes to streamline cash management processes, you can learn more about Smart Safes and all the considerations you should address in finding the appropriate solution for your business needs at www.smart-safes.com.

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Forced Entry

In-line hinge with solid ¾” steel core provides a clean look with the security of no lift or pry points

Electronic or key lock option on all doors with encryption on all lock data communication links

Steel-reinforced lock mounting plates

Wrap around doors offering additional security from forced entry

Full Surround™ bolt retention

Automatic bolt engagement upon door close

Forced Entry

Our patented 2 door design provides service without access to money allowing the rare occurrence of a bill jam to be cleared by local store personnel

Intrusion alarm option – if someone tries to open CashTrak™ safe in off hours our additional security option will create loud siren alert while also communicating an alert to your alarm company

Internal Battery backup provides the ability to monitor safe transactions and events even when unplugged from the wall, the backup batteries themselves are protected within the safe

Lockable cassette keeps your Bills from being accessed by unauthorized personnel

Data Security

Embedded architecture is highly resistant to hacks and viruses compared with common commercial operating systems

Encrypted data communication signals on internal wire harnesses to any optionally configured electronic locks

AES 128B encrypted data communication to host servers

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Prevention of field service visits

Our patented 2 door design provides the ability to perform nearly all service without access to the money. When end customers retain access to the service door, they can clear simple bill jams without even involving a service technician.

Controller applications can be updated over-the-air providing future proofing for system changes or new bill designs from the Treasury

LED Keypad with fully sealed membrane switch provides durability that is highly resistant to spilling

The brains of a CashTrak™ safe is a robust, efficient embedded microcontroller that does not require the use of any fans for cooling

Thermal printer highly resistant to spills

2″ moisture barrier along the floor minimizes liquid penetration into the safe from floor cleaning and spills

smart safe controller
Minimizing time required for field service visits

Velcro mounting of key service parts for easy replacement if required

Most of our electronics can be interchanged without use of tools keeping downtime to a minimum in the event of a service visit

To make it easier for technicians to perform service quickly a tethered light is standard in every safe

Corporate infrastructure built around service

Ellenby is an authorized service center for CPI/MEI giving us a wealth of experience with validator best practices

All replaced parts are returned to Ellenby for analysis and repair where we troubleshoot problems down to the circuit component level

Three major national service companies are fully trained on our CashTrak™ Smart Safes and offer competitive contract and non-contract options

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User Interface

Convenient one touch function keys provide quick access to useful cash reports and safe information

Keypad with high contrast OLED display for easy visibility in all lighting conditions and viewing angles

Slide out / tuck away keypad shuttle for ease of access

Menu configurable safe preferences and user lists at the keypad or remotely updatable


Single power cord for the safe and thermal printer – we provide an external power port for thermal printers

Bill validators provide LED feedback to the user of their status

Cellular modem option allows for an instant, highly secure connection to a server without navigating customer’s local network


Three levels of assignable permissions based on job role – Cashier, Supervisor, and Manager

Embedded architecture design highly optimizes electronics for smart safe control

Over the air, remote updating of validators ensures no need to worry about new currency releases

Multiple methods of connectivity available for back room systems or servers

Fully developed VComm™ application program interface (API) to support integration with web portals

Costs of Ownership
The costs of ownership is the key metric for customers determining which equipment makes the most sense for their application.

Unfortunately, this is not an easy number to arrive at. A smart safe solution involves a shift in the way your merchant customers conduct their cash management process. Costs are associated with each of the many cash touch-points.

Ellenby’s smart safe equipment aims to automate many of the time consuming cash tracking processes, and significantly reduce the threats of both internal and external theft.

Cost/Risk of Cash

Using a smart safe, the costs of ownership is a combination of the equipment price, the cost of servicing the equipment (typically in the form of a service contract), the cost of managing data, and armored car service.  The below graphic illustrates the traditional retail cash management process along with the associated costs and risks of managing that cash at each process step.

green motherboard
Receive cash from customer

Count­erfeit accept­ance

Internal theft

External theft

Cash to the till

Internal theft

External theft

Super­visor recon­cilia­tion activit­ies

Cash to store safe

Internal theft

External theft

Super­visor recon­cilia­tion activit­ies

Trans­port to the bank

Internal theft

External theft

Time of trans­port

Credit to merchant account

Teller count / recon­cilia­tion

Bank process­ing fees

Implementing a Smart Safe solution
reduces total cost of cash substantially.

Traditional methods of non-automated cash management require a great deal of time and money for the manual counting of currency, cash audits, and preparation for bank deposits. There are also significant costs of cash attributable from theft both within the company and by robberies.

The cost of ownership of a smart safe solution is comprised of the equipment, the service and support of the equipment, and the data processing related fees. If using an armored car to transport cash, the transportation costs actually decrease since pickup frequencies are reduced since the cash is completely accounted for and secured within the store.

With a smart safe solution, the labor associated with counting and auditing cash deposits become negligible as do cash losses from theft.

Cost of Cash
Without a Smart Safe

smart safe chart 1

Cost of Cash
With an Ellenby Smart Safe

smart safe chart 2

smart safe chart large
At Ellenby, we make design decisions guided by our principles of simplicity, security, and serviceability.

We minimize the combination of the equipment costs and the service costs while making it easy to link with web portals to view safe transactions in real-time online. You can expect an Ellenby smart safe to operate with an industry leading service life and with the lowest annualized service call rates.

Ellenby offers a wide lineup
of standard Smart Safe products and accessories to service customer’s
needs from small to high volume cash transactions.

Electronic Smart Safes can be custom designed to meet your specific needs. Our standard products include the CT400 (CashTrak™ Supervisor) compact single validator Safe for low volume transactions and non-armored cash transport customer, the fully networkable high volume CT410 single validator Safe, the dual validator CT420 Safe, and the CTD420 coin roll dispensing Safe.


Some of our accessories include various capacity lockable cash cassettes, risers to adjust the Safe to fit under any counter height, electronic locks, thermal printers, coin acceptor attachments and matching Side Safes for storage of rolled coins and other valuables. Our Safes can be adapted to practically any third party backroom or POS system using the Ellenby API through a number of available interfaces including RS232, cellular modem, and Ethernet.

Considerations to address
when your customer selects their CashTrak™ Safe model

cash icon

Cash Transporter

Armored Car pickup schedule
Deliver to bank yourself

security icon


High risk of internal theft?
High risk of external theft?
Counterfeit problems?

services icon


Self serviceable important?
Service contract desired?

circuts icon

Operating System

Safe against viruses & hacks?
Robust for 24/7 operation without reboots?

money icon

Volume of Bills Handled

Single validator safes (<2000 notes)
Dual validator safes (>2000 notes)

management icon

Change Order Management

Delivery by armored car company
Pickup from bank yourself

comm / networking icon

Communications / Networking

Remote tracking of cash needed?
Provisional credit from bank desired?
Remote update of validator firmware

Smart Safe models
Self Managed Validator Safes

Compact single validator safes offer the most economic way for automating cash management. The CashTrak™ Supervisor is a great fit for customers that bring their money to the bank themselves rather than hire armored car pickup services.

Single Validator Safes

 Single validator safes are designed to deliver complete cash management in a small footprint. The 410 series can fit conveniently near cash registers to make it easy to perform cash drops. Advanced security features in the design of this small safe make it formidable against any intrusion.

Dual Validator Safes

Dual validator safes are designed for locations with frequent drops. Cashiers can alternate deposits between both validator heads to speed up deposits. Two validator heads also ensures redundancy such that your safe will continue operating even if one validator has a bill jam.  A third drop door comes standard on this model.  This series is available with either 2400 note or 4400 note total capacity.

rolled coin safe
Rolled Coin Dispensing Safes

Ellenby’s rolled coin dispense safe holds between 400 and 500 rolls of coins and bills depending on configuration.  These safes are configurable to a customer’s particular change making needs, are easy to load, and come with optional, industry-first, advanced automatic change verification electronics package. Available with one or two validators for cash deposits and pay-for-change.